We’re not just accountants

The Cirrus9 team have over 20 years of accounting and business experience, so it’s safe to say we know accounting and tax like the back of our hand. However, we don’t just talk to you at tax time and leave you to it. Our focus is always on helping you grow and improve your business, that’s why we deliver Business Development services.

Ambitious business owners need ambitious accountants

Our accounting and tax services give you a solid foundation, but if you want to really grow your business, then you need to consider business development. We have to admit, while the Cirrus9 team love to crunch numbers and prepare financials, our passion lies in helping business owners take their business to the next level. Once you’ve got the framework and data in place, we can take the step towards growth.

As part of our business development service, we sit down with you to set SMART goals, both for your business and personal life. These goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely, giving you the best chance to make them a reality. Once we know where you want to go, we’ll be better positioned to help you. With these goals in mind and your data in hand, you’ll get detailed, visual reports that show you how your business is performing and what you need to do to improve. We’ll talk you through cashflow, budgeting and forecasting and make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep more money in your pocket.

A supportive coach on your team

As a business owner, sometimes you can feel like you’re doing it alone. You may even feel trapped in the day to day running of your business, leaving you no time to work on the development side and no free time to spend with family. Our coaching service provides you with support and accountability so that you achieve the results you want from your business. With help from our advisors, you’ll be able to make smart decisions for you and your business. The results include increased profitability and cash flow, reporting templates to measure actual performance against forecasts and access to an expert sounding board to ensure you continue working towards your goals.

Whether your business needs guiding through a major change, or you simply wish to have regular contact with a trusted coach, we’d love to help!

Financial Awareness Coaching

We’ll help you to understand your business better, enabling you to better manage your cashflow. Good management decisions rely on a sound understanding of the financial implications for your business. This service involves meeting with us every two months to discuss your financial results, culminating in you learning to produce and interpret your own customised financial reports on a monthly basis.

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