Are you better off since you started working with your existing accountant?

No?  Then maybe we can help.

When you started your business there was no need for a CFO accounting service and you probably retained a compliance type firm of accountants, based on a recommendation, to handle your tax registration and prepare and file your annual accounts and tax returns.

This arrangement may have worked for a while, but as your business has grown, has the complexity and range of financial issues facing you and your business outgrown the capabilities and the enthusiasm of your existing accountant? If yes or even maybe then our outsource CFO services are worth exploring.

Our outsource CFO services deliver energy to your finance function, it’s real time and forward-looking  — it involves reporting smart metrics, forecasting and planning for the future of your business. It’s the kind of strategic financial support that, if you are an ambitious business owner, you deserve and need to turn your vision into a reality. If you are happy with the status quo then stop reading now but if you are ambitious and serious about your plans then we can help you.

Outsource CFO

Do you need our CFO services?

If you want to take your business to the next level, you need to realise when you’ve reached the point where you’ve outgrown the capabilities offered by your current accountant and need CFO level input.

The following are some indications you may have reached that point already –

  • A lack of forward-looking financial strategic planning.
  • Absence of or inaccurate or inadequate cash forecasting and budgeting.
  •  Inability to properly manage cash flow and deal with cash shortages.
  •  Absence of or inaccurate or late internal management reports.
  • Business stagnation and lack of growth.
  • Poor management of customer relationships.
  • Poor management of HR, IT, payroll, banking and other vendors and outsourced service providers.
  • Revenue audits and other interventions

Are you making poor business decisions? incurring unnecessary expenses and bad debts? involved in litigation? feeling under capitalised and struggling with cash flow problems?

If you have answered yes to more than one of these questions then it makes sense to find 60 minutes in your day to talk to us about our services.

Our Services

The issue for many growing businesses is not that they don’t recognise the need for next-level financial and operational expertise. Rather, they cannot afford to hire this kind of expertise in the form of a chief financial officer (CFO) on a full-time basis. One solution is to consider using our outsourced CFO service.

This will enable you to benefit from the expertise of an experienced CFO on an as-needed basis who can provide the level of financial and operational assistance needed to help grow your business to the next level without having to incur a six figure salary cost.

Out services include:

  • Monthly management internal reporting packs
  • Cloud accounting solutions
  • Multi year budgets and cash flows
  • Tax planning both corporate and personal
  • Business Plans
  • Credit applications
  • Full outsource finance function
  • Annual statutory IFRS compliant accounts
  • Revenue audits

At Cirrus9 our outsource CFO service is proven to help our clients create, grow and sustain value, our first consultation is FREE and so what have you got to lose?

Contact us at or call on 01-5175 211 to explore how our outsource CFO services can benefit your business today.