Want to pay less tax?

Effective tax planning can help reduce your bill but it requires forward planning and expertise. Even basic compliance with Revenue rules is complicated and can be costly if not adhered to. That’s why we put your tax planning and compliance at the heart of our service commitment to you.

tax planning

Tax Planning & Compliance

Far from just completing your tax returns we take a holistic view of your tax and business structures. We proactively seek savings and tax strategies that are aligned with your business goals in order to drive your business forward.

We offer a simple, fast and effective tax planning and compliance service that ensures that you don’t pay one cent more than you have to. We know how hard you’ve worked to earn your profits and we will work just as hard for you to keep your tax bill to the absolute minimum.

We have over 20 years experience in advising start-ups,  sole traders, partnerships and companies on their tax strategies and compliance obligations and have built up a wealth of expertise which we share with all our clients at no extra cost.

Please do not delay as tax planning is much more effective when put into effect as early as possible.

Tax Planning

Our tax experts will recommend tax strategies that will ensure that both you and your business are structured in a way to ensure your tax bill is minimised and operates most efficiently. We can advise on profit protection, profit extraction, cash flow maximisation and family asset protection.

Tax Compliance

Our tax compliance service gives you complete peace of mind by ensuring that you and your business fully comply with all tax legislation. Our forensic approach ensures that you are claiming all the deductions and reliefs that you are entitled to. We will take care of all statutory filing and payment requirements in a timely and efficient manner. We can also help to organise deferred payment arrangements in respect of any arrears.

We provide effective tax planning and compliance for:

  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax
  • Revenue audits and investigations
  • Tax appeals
  • Employee remuneration strategies
  • VAT planning
  • Inheritance Tax strategies
  • Capital Gains Tax & Capital Acquisitions Tax
  • Profit extraction strategies
  • Retirement and exit strategies

Please contact us at hello@cirrus9.ie or call on 01- 5175 211 if you need further advice, have any questions about our Dublin tax return and tax planning service, would like a FREE consultation or a fixed fee quote.